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What to do with a medium length action?

09 Jul 2021
@ 10:04 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

I'm perplexed by my medium length M70. Clearly a goof by me as a consumer. Of course, I can:
1. keep running SAAMI/factory .30-06,
2. switch to a more suitable caliber or
3. sell it.

Considerations include:
1. ammo availability
2. hand loading component availability and time commitment
3. throwing good money after bad (is the action worth the effort)

The real question is there in #3. To that end, perhaps there's reason to be excited - something this action might excel at that I haven't quite worked out yet. Perhaps a .308 Win unconstrained by magazine length? That would at least likely salvage the current barrel and save a little coin.

There's a part of me that wants to sell this and my Tikka and make a new start. I've got a couple custom short action rifles and a K31... I'd like to have a "proper" long action in a long action caliber, I think.


16 Jul 2021
@ 11:47 am (GMT)

Dan Buchan

Re: What to do with a medium length action?
Sounds like a good platform for a .284 win
18 Jul 2021
@ 07:17 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: What to do with a medium length action?
Undoubtedly. However, I elected to sell both my Tikka and my Winchester. A bit tired of messing with both of them. Two very expensive mistakes and perhaps a few things learned along the way.


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