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General Hack considerations

27 Jun 2021
@ 02:18 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

I've consumed a great deal of Ballistic Studies YouTube of late and it had me thinking about my rifle battery. Mostly, it's had me thinking that I've too much redundancy... and also too much mediocrity (though some of that is behind the gun).

I picked up a Win M70 a few years back as a GP rifle. It's been an interesting ride - but, suffice to say I'm not particularly fond of the action. On a lark, likely born of some lingering dissatisfaction, I grabbed a T3x. In practical use, there's not much different between them.

I haven't dedicated the time to bring either to a proper state of tune as they've both proven themselves capable of consuming an inordinate amount thereof to produce adequate performance. If I'm being honest, they fall too low on my priority list amongst the myriad things that demand my attention (including rifles that work without incessant tinkering).

As I get ready to move again in a year or so, I find myself wondering if either is worth keeping. My inclination of late is to simply buy, and wait for, a .308 Win barrel for a different action and see if I can't afford to upgrade my glass and reloading bench. The irony of moving to .308 as the whole world is moving away from it isn't lost on me.

Anyhow, cheers to you all, happy hunting/shooting. Stay safe out there, and keep your powder dry (if you can find any).


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