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Tikka 695 recoil lug/bedding job

23 Jun 2021
@ 01:58 am (GMT)

Rob Bird

Just purchased a 695 in 270 Win with a plastic stock. Without doing anything other than clean the bore, I took it to the range and ran some Hornady Precision Hunter through it (145 gr ELD-X). Lots of fliers.

After reading the section about Tikka T3s in "Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing and Maintenance", I removed the action screws and immediately found the action to be teetering on the recoil lug. No barrel contact with stock when action screws are tightened.

Should I just bed the action essentially in the normal fashion in order to give it a solid base or should I start by removing the recoil lug in order to remove some stock material below it? The lug is molded into the stock, unfortunately.

On a side note, the bore had some surface rust that has left some pitting. Would the quick and dirty bondo bedding be the first recourse just to see if the barrel is any good? I originally bought this with the idea of building a 6.5-284 or 280AI but thought I might just keep it in 270 Win if it shot well.


23 Jun 2021
@ 07:40 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka 695 recoil lug/bedding job
Tikka M695 / floating L shaped lug / polymer magazine (same as current).

Hi Rob, the lug should not be molded in. Someone has glued it there. It should just fall out when the stock is flipped over.

Yes, avoid bedding the rifle. The barrel will need to be replaced one way or another. Even if it shoots OK following minor work, it will play on your mind and you will end up replacing it. No point bedding in this instance.


Leave the lug in place.

Follow the rigid mounting instructions in the Accurizing book.

Test shoot. If the rifle performs well, leave it set up as is until you are ready to replace the barrel.

If you wish to chat this over / obtain clarification, please contact me directly.
23 Jun 2021
@ 01:40 pm (GMT)

Rob Bird

Re: Tikka 695 recoil lug/bedding job
Thank you! I'll do that. Regarding the lug, I've seen some people say that it should come out and some say that it's molded into the stock. I see no extra adhesive, and the borders of the lug don't look perfectly flat, or at least the stock surrounding it doesn't look flat. That is, not a clear delineation between the edges of the stock material and the edges of the lug.

Anyway, I'll get on that and report back.


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