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A couple of 35 Whelen questions

15 Jun 2021
@ 08:31 pm (GMT)


Hi Peoples

Looking for a bit of advice on the 35 Whelen cartridge, hoping someone can help.
I have a spare Interarms Mark X 98 Mauser action and was wondering if this would be suitable to use for a 35 Whelen?
Reading the advice on this site for the cartridge the gains made on using the AI version seem minimal in terms of performance although potentially improving case life and feeding, I would be reloading regardless so is it worth going with the AI version?
The point of looking at this calibre is hunting Sambar in NZ, mainly in the pines so the shots are likely to be under a 100 shooting fast off hand with an occasional longer shot to 250 possible. I can cope with recoil when required but don't see the point of getting the crap kicked out of me unless it's necessary, would be looking at a 9.5-10 lb rifle all up so is this the right calibre to go for?
I'm still at the thinking stage right now, can use my 280AI with 175 gr ELDX although it probably isn't ideal for the job but would welcome some feedback.


16 Jun 2021
@ 08:41 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: A couple of 35 Whelen questions
Hi Vince, if you want to try it - do so.

This is the video need (examples of .35 Whelen OAL's):

Try to put any thoughts of recoil out of your mind. This is one of Steph's favorite calibers if that helps any (she also likes the 358 Norma). So long as the stock is relatively straight and fits well, and provided the optics are set up correctly, then there should be nothing to worry about.

Yes, you may as well try the AI while you are it. Its not as though you can just pop into H&F to buy .35 factory ammo so you may as well go the whole hog and go with the wildcat. However, do sort your dies first, just to be sure.
04 Jul 2021
@ 02:59 pm (GMT)


Re: A couple of 35 Whelen questions
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the answer and video link, I see what you mean about sourcing dies, not exactly easy to come by!
I was reading your handloading advice in the cartridge section and have found a couple of bullets that may be suitable, the Speer Hot Cor 220gr Flat Nose and the Speer Hot Cor 250gr Pointed, that are still available to buy in NZ. I notice you talk about natural annealing over time with these and wondered if this applied to unopened packets of projectiles as well? The labels look dated on the website but are presumably unopened and stored correctly.


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