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13 Jun 2021
@ 07:59 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

In order to scratch the black powder itch WITHOUT buying a front stuffer,I bought a blank 45 cal hand made barrel and got it turned down in lathe to fit neatly into old 12ga shotgun...sort of a super insert...makes it heavy but balance is perfect,carries in one hand nicely and pointswell.
I looked into load data and options...decided that top of bottom tier through to bottom of middle tier would be about right.... loaded some up and gave them a whirl.
with only shotgun bead accuracy is sub 6" at 50 yards and I really cant ask for better without better sights.
today FINALLY got to try loads on game...I had put down injured bull a few months ago but hat was no test.
loads used today were either 45grns of ADI powder behind a 395grn hollow base flat nose or same projectile with 60 grns black powder..... the BP load is mild to shoot,spectacular ,smokey and funny but mild...the smokeless are stout but not overly much so... kiiled four wallabies with four rounds fired.... ranges from 10 yards -40 yards all four just other way to describe it,they just stopped living INSTANTLY. first was centre mass through spine and out chest, 2nd chest/shoulder,third midships fouth HEADSHOT .... the terminal preformance is like nothing Ive seen bruising,just a hole about 1 inch in diameter with nothing inside,its like someone had taken a core sample...
to say Im impressed is putting it mildly.
nearly had a deer too,but in gloom I was looking at dark grey blob thinking which way is this wallaby facing??? moved for better view and arse on bedded deer stood up and trotted off,I was gobsmacked and could only laugh..teach me to put binos back into daybag..... they are awesome for identification right down to 10 yards...


13 Jun 2021
@ 09:01 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: .45/70
cool story mike.
is that adi ar2207 powder?
sounds like you need to get some decent sights on that gun.
14 Jun 2021
@ 06:29 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .45/70
AR2208....was what had on hand.... lots of folks have made big deal of the hornady FTX cases being worries for smokeless loads and makes it easy for me to tell whats what as do Black Powder loads in longer R.P. cases.
still buzzing from great day out.


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