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Flexi Bell and Carlson Stock

17 May 2021
@ 11:13 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

I'm just chasing a bit of advice. I have a Winchester M70 Extreme Weather in 30-06. It came with a Bell and Carlson fibreglass stock.
The rifle shoots all over the place and I have tried multiple different brands of ammo. I have checked all the torque setting on action screws and optics etc and went through the barrel break in process. I have noticed that the stock is quite flexible in the forend. Like way more more I would expect for a fibreglass stock with an aluminium back bone. It's as, if not more flexible than my plastic stock ruger american rimfire and definitely more flexi than a tikka t3 lite.

My next step is to have a crack at bedding the action. I had the idea to stiffen the forend at the same time by routing out a channel along the length and epoxying in a carbon fibre rod. I'm just curious though before I go through all that. 1: would that even work? And 2: Could the non bedded action potentially have pressure points that could cause the stock to flex more, which could just be fixed by bedding?
I don't have another fibreglass stock to compare it to at this stage, but I have a krg bravo chassis on my tikka 223, which is significantly stiffer than the Bell and Carlson.



18 May 2021
@ 07:41 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Flexi Bell and Carlson Stock
Hi Jack, give me a call one morning, will see what I can do. This is the type of question that cannot generally be answered by a forum due to the many variables.

Regardless of design quirks such as the ridiculous fluting on an already thin barrel, this is normally a fairly good rifle but there will always be exceptions with any brand. The book series has all of the trouble shooting steps but if you are stuck, I may be able to help you go back over it.

This rifle possibly already has some form of mock bedding so it is important to run through the troubleshooting phase first, before getting into proper bedding.
18 May 2021
@ 03:24 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

Re: Flexi Bell and Carlson Stock
Thanks Nathan, I'll run over the accurising book again to make sure I haven't missed anything and so I don't waste your time with silly questions and then I'll flick you an email to tee up a good time for a chat.

Cheers mate!



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