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Tikka 7 mm

17 May 2021
@ 02:02 pm (GMT)

Michael O'Sullivan

Hi all.
Have recently purchased a new Tikka in 7 mm Remington magnum.Does anyone have one and what’s your experience ect. What’s your favourite loads factory and hand loads .
Have you bedded the rifle or just standard.
How does it preform at long range.
Anything else you would like to share .


18 May 2021
@ 08:05 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka 7 mm
Hi Michael, normally one asks such questions before a purchase rather than after. In any case, within the Video learning tab of this site, you will find the Tikka Video series. You can start with the first - How to set it up, break it in and shoot it. It may be the only video you need.

Try both the 154 and 162gr SST Superformance ammo. Use this for the break in, to test the basic potential of the rifle, to test yourself and as a source of brass for hand loading. One or the other should shoot well if you can hold onto the light rifle at that recoil level.

This rifle has a very short plastic magazine which will not allow you to seat hand loaded ammo close to the lands (jump is 2 to 3mm). This issue can be remedied via an AIC style floor plate and magazine. But for now, it is best to stick with the basics and see how the rifle performs as is. Focus on your set up and technique to see what the rifle is initially capable of. The (your) performance at 100 yards will determine long range potential.
18 May 2021
@ 08:47 am (GMT)

Michael O'Sullivan

Re: Tikka 7 mm
Thanks Nathan,I purchased your 1st Vimeo the other day an got a lot of tips thank you ,never really new what to do when I got a new rifle before so learned a lot .Hopefully I will have the rifle in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to get started.Thanks
18 May 2021
@ 08:55 am (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: Tikka 7 mm
Hi gents:

In my case Hornady Superformance ammo did not shoot good at all in 3 of my rifles including a 7mm Rem Mag, mine are all Remington 700's so your Tikka might like this ammo.

The cheap Hornady American Whitetail shoots very well as does Federal Premium with the 168gr Berger Hybrid Hunter. As Nathan mentioned I used the factoey ammo for barrel break in and the brass for reloads. I only shoot handloads but it's good to have a factory ammo back up that shoots good just in case so it doesn't hurt to try several options.

For hand loads I load the Hornady 162gr SST, 168gr Berger VLDH and 180gr VLDH as well with RL23, IMR-7977 and IMR-8133. These are now my primary hunting bullets.

Under the current conditions shoot whatever ammo you can find, I have not seen any 7mm Rem Mag ammo in months.

Kind regards


12 Jun 2021
@ 02:10 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: Tikka 7 mm
I grabbed a T3x in 7mm RM as while back as a project gun. Initially shot it at 7.6 lbs all up with a few different types of ammo. Lots of component swaps since then, sitting around 8.5 lbs now. A good recoil pad matters...

I did all my initial shooting with the factory stock. Grabbed some match grade stabilizer and bedding compound and got after it with that. Eventually swapped it out to a McMillan Game Warden. My preference is actually the Game Scout, but they're both good. I eventually moved to Red Snake (AICS) bottom metal as well. I will get around to bedding the McMillan at some point.

I don't find the recoil unpleasant, but there is certainly enough of it that the rifle does not forgive poor form. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that I have not noticed a significant difference between Federal loaded 150 Accubonds (which are loaded light, at least my lot...), Barnes 139 LRX, Hornady Superformance 154 SST and 162 SST.

My hand loads w/ 162 SST have been perhaps a bit better. I've tried Re23, H4831sc and... hmm... IMR 4955 (I think). Of those, the rifle likes the Re23 a bit more it seems. I've also got some Matrix 168s. Honestly, though, took on a bit too much and haven't spent much time with this rifle lately. At some point I also kitted it out with a Sterk bolt handle and a new trigger spring. It's quite a nice rifle, actually. Bit of a shame I don't shoot it more.


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