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Heresy for Science!

19 Apr 2021
@ 09:58 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

Some of you may know that I've embarked on a project learn "modern" shooting. I had my M70 to the range today. It's about 10 lbs ready to shoot, chambered in .30-06. It's a general purpose hunting and target rifle. No brake, of course.

I've tried a BUNCH of different ways to shoot this rifle. Now, I've spent a lot of time learning how to shoot classically and that body of technique is well known here. In addition to shooting my M70 bagged and slung up, I've engaged in various acts of heresy of various levels of severity.

- Shooting with a bi-pod in lieu of bags. Generally un-favorable results with this rifle. I haven't hung my hand over the optic yet, but as "hold that fore-end" observes, I simply do not obtain good results in this fashion. Even with a hand on the fore-end and slung, I cannot manage the recoil with any real consistency.

- Shooting bagged, but without controlling the fore-end. Similarly unfavorable results to the above, regardless of posture. The movement of the rifle under recoil is inconsistent, far too dependent on the shape of the bag and its consistency, often not repeatable shot to shot.

However, I've been slowly refining a form of Heresy that has produced results within my current margin of error as a shooter with the ammo I have. I say that as a caveat because I'm still searching for better than merely acceptable results in this rifle.

- As alluded to elsewhere in the forum, I've been working on getting straight and square behind the rifle. This generally requires a bipod or other rest that is stable and mechanically consistent. What does this look like? Here you go:

The results - this a composite group 4 rds of Heresy and 5 rds fire classically. Virtually indistinguishable POI / group size. This was factory loaded ammo my Dad let me shoot today.

[/url]Ballistic-X-Export-2021-04-17 13 20 26.133918


19 Apr 2021
@ 10:00 am (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: Heresy for Science!
Damn it, wrong group. Right heresy, but wrong group/rifle.

Ballistic-X-Export-2021-04-18 12 43 15.910929


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