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Looking forward to receiving my bedding kits .

07 Dec 2013
@ 12:42 pm (GMT)

Brian Smith

Hi everyone
Have found this site and ordered my kits , I have been collecting now for many years and have a wide range of Rifles .Mostly Mill surp .
I have never bedded a rifle before ,,,,,,so ,,,, have been studying all the Info here very carefully .
The first one i am going to try is a Polish 1953 M44 ( 7.62x54 ) that was given to me about 2 weeks ago , there was no stock and the bayonet mount has been cut off so it is not worth putting back to how it should be ( Booo ) so I have bought a Boyds stock and cut and Re- crowend the barrel and turned it into a hunting rifle , not sure what scope to use yet .
I am very interested to see how this will group when I have bedded it .

Has anyone else done a M44 ?

Will keep you posted when done


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10 Dec 2013
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Looking forward to receiving my bedding kits .
Hi Brian, there is a crowd in Hawaii putting together a Mosin with our kits at the moment. They want to showcase the rifle on their shooting sports TV channel I believe.

You will be able to bed a section consisting of the the first inch or so of the barrel channel, back into the mag well to the bolt handle cut out. You will be able to bed the tang at the rear. And yes, would be great to see photos when you are done.

When working up loads, please make sure that your load test range is very wide. Due to bore tolerances (typically loose), it will pay to test the full range. For example, the rifle may produce best bullet stability with very mild loads. Yet in contrast, the bullets may swage better to the bore when hot loaded, increasing stability. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to this, hence the need for a wide test range, using the reloading manual as a general guide but using your chrony and observations of brass first and foremost.

Speaking of brass, be mindful that PRVI (NNY) brass is very soft so it may read high pressure (scuff marks / sticky extraction) at somewhat lower than typical max pressures. Just something to be mindful of.

Hope that gives you a start point.


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