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Remington rifle, truflight accurising/barrel

23 Jan 2021
@ 11:19 am (GMT)

Michael Roach

Just a quick question, after more than a year of searching( and 2 rifles later) I have finally acquired a Remington CDL/700 stainless 270 win. Its second hand, the barrel has been chopped (to 18 inches dear god) the stock has seen the bush obviously but the action is pretty rust free. and I want to bring it back to a slightly heavy,somewhat pretty but very functonal deer slayer out to 500m I guess, ( most of my shots would be far less). So my question is do I go truflight barrel, (23 inches) I ideally want to throw 150 pills at speed. or is there a better option? bedding is a no brainer really but the last piece of the puzzle. I am going to accurise the action possible get truflight to do so, since they would have the rifle anyway. Based in Auckland NZ.


24 Jan 2021
@ 02:04 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Remington rifle, truflight accurising/barrel
Hi Michael.
If your asking if you should use trueflite then absolutely, not only is there work top notch but they are great to deal with.
I love the 270 caliber I use one as my general rifle but if your going through hassle of rebarreling a m700 I would look at the 280ai, specially now there's factory ammo available.
Trueflite has a 280ai reamer thats had the nathan foster/dave Manson touch so will make accuracy easy.
24 Jan 2021
@ 06:24 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Remington rifle, truflight accurising/barrel
280...yeah nah...the mighty poohseventy has been given new lease of life in last few years,folks are raving about 145grn pointy explody loads now available....others are reloading them and getting some very impressive results.... out to 500 yards....thats 150 more than I will shoot with my 4x scope...but any deer inside 350 is in world of trouble with 270 so you wont have issues getting to 500 if you doing the rangefinder/hold over twiddle n fiddle thing...there are folks taking it much further than that without issues.
just bought howa with 22" barrel...what they come with...wouldve loved a few more inches having used winchester with silly short 20" for 32 years....
going new you will be able to specify how you want it reamed....long throated would be my looks like we will have some faster twist .277 barrels soon so MAYBE hold off for wee while or at least see what truflight say.... you could always stich suppressor on the 18" barrel and use it in meantime....stuff using it bare barrel without earplugs AND muffs....


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