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8x57 article now live

04 Dec 2013
@ 11:16 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Finally! Enjoy.


05 Dec 2013
@ 09:03 am (GMT)

[email protected]

Re: 8x57 article now live
Great information. Thanks for publishing this. I'm a fan of both 8X57 and 8-06 and have several M98 based rifles. The 200 gr HotCores and Partitions are my bullets of choice. I do the load work up with the cheaper Speers and the fine tune seating depth with the Partitions for hunting.
05 Dec 2013
@ 02:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 8x57 article now live
Am quite a fan of the 8mm-06 myself. That's next on the list. Thanks Walt, glad you enjoyed the article.
06 Dec 2013
@ 04:56 pm (GMT)

Tom Boes

Re: 8x57 article now live
I have enjoyed reading you stuff for some time now. Today I found the 8mm Mauser article and immediately read it. I am a big fan of the 8x57. I have a old butchered 98a, small ring that I have turned into a fine shooter/hunter.
Thanks for you efforts, they are appreciated.
18 May 2014
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

David Ruppel

Re: 8x57 article now live
This is a Great article about the 8x57 Mauser! I have 2 VZ24's one sporterized and one that will stay in issued condition. Both are shooters. I really like the 8mm Mauser for it's history and it's fun to shoot factor. Thank you for this great write up and all the info. on reloading for it.
Keep up the good work!

Christmas Valley, Oregon
18 May 2014
@ 07:54 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 8x57 article now live
Thanks Rupe, glad you enjoyed it. My next book has accurizing and maintenance procedures for your rifles if you ever get the inclination to delve a bit further into these areas.


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