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Ruger Americsan for youth

02 Dec 2013
@ 03:06 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

From email query. Sent reply but recipient email bounced. No way to contact client:

I would like to fill my son's (Christmas Present) Ruger American stock. (270 caliber)

Currently the gun weighs 6.4 lbs. My parents have the gun, but I assume that the stock is ~750ml.

The scope will add ~1/2 lbs.
I want to add another 1 lb.
This will bring the entire rifle to 8lbs.

I am going to add a mercury recoil supressor ~6oz. Do you have a product that will not get hot,
set up hard
not degrade
not absorb water
that is ~0.5 g/ml (when cured)

My reply:
Hi ....., our Stabilizer meets your requirements. I did not design this to make a quick buck, I designed it because I needed products to accurize client rifles. Once a client comes to me, he is often my client for life, I expect him to visit for a coffee, hunt with me etc. So there is no way I could employ a less than optimal product.

The forend fill weight will be about 150 grams. You would have to add lead shot for more weight. I am not really into adding weight for weights sake- although there was a time when 8lb was a light weight rifle as you will recall. Ultimately, the stabilizer will do the trick and strengthen the stock at the same time- its up to you how you employ it (lead shot etc). If you use the stabilizer, be sure to fill the skeletal voids straight in front of the breech V block.

There are other aspects to this that need to be taken into consideration. If your son is still young, I suggest downloads with a suitable bullet that will expand and produce wide wounding when downloaded- out to 300 yards. Folk often contemplate a light bullet but I disagree for the most part. If possible (if you want to), try downloading the 150gr SST to around 2400fps. I have found this to work a treat with youth including a 13yr old girl. Book max for H4831sc gives about 2700fps in reality. Allow 1 grain per 40fps, back work from there.

If you do want to use a light bullet, use a 110gr V-Max or something of that ilk loaded to about 2800fps. Use 150 grain bullet load data. I have to admit, although light bullet loads are often less than emphatic, the V-Max load is quite a performer. Much depends on the game weights you will encounter and angles.

You will find that it is currently popular for folk to shoot with the crossed arm method. This is the worst method to teach any hunter, especially youths. It is a completely lazy modern form of shooting that enables good aim- but accentuates felt recoil and ruins accuracy. Please read and contemplate the "hold that Forend" article on our site. You have two choices here, you can either teach your son to do what everybody else is doing or you can teach him to shoot properly. This is extremely important.

Using optimum technique and gradually building up loads will negate the need for high rifle weight. This may mean that you can leave the rifle a bit lighter which will allow him to carry the rifle. Being able to carry your own rifle is a big deal to a young man.

Much to consider. I hope that helps.


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