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7 saum, looking for advice

27 Dec 2020
@ 02:40 pm (GMT)

Jake Carey

Hi all, and Merry Christmas.

I'm planning a savage rebarrel using a prefit. I'll be placing some of the orders this week but am still looking for advice on a few things. Some background first. I've got a good little model 10 action on a 6.5 barrel I'm tired of, and I'm ready to step into something a little more interesting. (I can load up to 2.98 COAL with 30 thou left in the detachable mag.) For a bunch of reasons I think I'd like to keep the same action and improve it rather than selling it and buying a long action. People around me are essentially flushing their belted mags lately but 65+ grains of powder is not the level I am at yet. The next one will be a grownup 7. Right now I'm trying to decide between a 7mm-08, a .284 win., and a 7 SAUM. I think the abandonment of the 7mm bore here in America is kind of a stupid shame. Nathan's already been very kind with some advice, and I've read everything he's got in print on the matter a dozen times or so now, but I keep learning details that freeze and reset my decision programming.

Why was I considering a 284? Because part of me is a really irritating hipster and I'd love a good discovery project. Also because dies, go gauges, and brass are currently in stock. Why not a 7mm-08 automatically? partially because I'd like a full step up in power from the 6.5 creed, not just a partial move. And also because I think I'd rather have a 308 when I find the right one and play with the original. And because I'd like to try 7mm 175grain and 180 grain Hornadys. Why? Because they exist, because I could plausibly hunt elk, and because they are about the only thing on the shelf right now. I know the ELDM is not a velocity dependent round, but partitions and ABLR are and I want to see what I can do with them eventually. Why am I not just going with a saum then? Most of the few over-the-counter dies are backordered, go gauges are special order, only 2-shot mags are available without lots of tinkering. Also, I have a perception of it as a real "gun bro" round. As in it's a favorite boutique chambering for the guys building out their heap-o-shit chassis guns. You know, the ones with the bright red fetish knobs.

More than that though is the fact that I can find NO information about light loading the SAUM. It looks like the most accurate loads are 96-102% case fill, and I am just not chasing that amount of power. I really want long brass life, and I only want to shoot the 175-180 class pills 2650-2750. With those BCs at a mile or more above sea level that's shooting pretty far out on the horizon. But when I ask around about doing anything other than maxing the saum it's basically like I've switched to Japanese.

If you've made it this far without clicking away my questions are these: 1. At 3" long can the 7-08 fire the heavies at speeds that are more stimulating than I realize? I'm seeing low 2400s with any kind of brass life. 2. Can the 7 saum be reliably loaded down low without getting large groups and ES? My feeling is that it must be possible, even if it requires higher tension neck and a powder that likes to be choked a little.

Nathan, if you read this and you've developed the sudden urge to redo your own fillings I apologize, and good memory. I'm not ignoring your advice, I just keep turning over new nests of questions. I'm enjoying my books immensely. I've got 5 bookmarks and in the evenings I'm usually bouncing book to book every 15 minutes or so as something crosses my mind.

Best wishes everyone, and happy new year.


28 Dec 2020
@ 02:32 pm (GMT)


Re: 7 saum, looking for advice
Oh man I'm the guy for this question! I've got a 7mm08 long throated to shoot 160 tmk at about 2700 fps at 2.950". I've also got a 18" and 22" 7 saum. The 18" shoots 180s at 2750 ish and the 22" barrel shoots the same bullet at about 2850, both around 2.990".

For what you want, I'd do a long throated 284 shooting 180 class around 2700. Or you can down load 7 saum if you want, just use a powder that will reasonable case fill and you won't have problems.

I tried 180s in my 708 and it just took up to much room, just to much bullet for that little round. The mid weight 160 tmk and 162 eldm do beautiful in a 708 though if your ok with a lower BC

If your going to download a saum, you may as well just go 284 win,.peterson's brass is in stock everywhere and has amazing brass life
29 Dec 2020
@ 07:15 pm (GMT)

Jake Carey

Re: 7 saum, looking for advice
That's some great intel. Do you think a 284 can even load a 180 at 3"? We're talking something close to a saami chamber. I've been told that 168 LRAB are fine, will shoot at 2800 and seat .4 into the case with the ogive just out of the neck. I'm not worried about the room taken up in the case, I'm more concerned about getting the ogive out of the case while still being 2.99" or under.
29 Dec 2020
@ 07:19 pm (GMT)

Jake Carey

Re: 7 saum, looking for advice
That 18 incher must be a real howler.

Should clarify I'm okay with lower BCs, I'm still pretty novice, but the hornady 175 and 180 are literally almost the only thing I'm seeing locally. I just can't see buying a barrel I have to wait months to shoot. That's really why I'm fixated on the 180's.
02 Jan 2021
@ 03:56 am (GMT)


Re: 7 saum, looking for advice
3" with 180s in a Sammi spec 284 should be fine, I've tried them in a Sammi 708 before and they are about 3" ! The little 18" saum would be a howler but it's supressed!
03 Jan 2021
@ 09:57 am (GMT)

Jake Carey

Re: 7 saum, looking for advice
Thanks for the info! Out of curiosity, what were you getting out of a 3" 7-08 with 180s?


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