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Teludyne Straight Jacket

30 Nov 2013
@ 05:25 am (GMT)

Michael Neeson

Hi all. Is this a complete game changer in regards to barrels and chasing accuracy nodes?

If what they say is true, the barrel looks so stiff that accuracy nodes will be a thing of the past and the reloader only needs load the cartridge to the pressure/velocity they want and they are good to go! There are videos of the CEO shooting 60 rnds rapid fine and then jamming his finger in the chamber - no heat retained. This jacket is pressure fitted under 50,000 PSI and wicks the heat away from the inner, original barrel.

Let the discussion begin...


01 Dec 2013
@ 03:57 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Teludyne Straight Jacket
I supplied bedding kits to a shooter in Hawaii who has adopted one of these for his Mosin project. Certainly has merit. Of course if the bore of the project rifle is .313" or the likes thereof, the performance of the jacket will be limited.


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