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Many Thanks to Nathan

06 Dec 2020
@ 02:52 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

I’ve hunted whitetail deer for over 60 years in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I was “taught” as a teenager just starting out to aim about half-way up the crease behind the deer’s foreleg. I was also an active high-power rifle competitor for most of those years, and have developed a steady hold and smooth trigger release. Over the years, some deer fell quickly, and others traveled up to maybe 75 yards before expiring. This may have been due to differing angles of presentation, since almost all shots were called “good”. This year, after reading Nathan’s advice, I changed my aim to just ahead of the deer’s foreleg on a 90° presentation. Using a 150 grain Nosler Partition in a .308 Winchester handload, I had an instant kill at about 85 yards on Thursday. The deer was a large-body 4-point. I am very happy with the point of impact where I had aimed and the bullet performed perfectly, as it was designed to. So, my thanks to Nathan. I’ll continue to use the new to me point of aim, adjusted for angle of course. I plan to try 150 grain Hornady Interlock bullets loaded in the .308, since I have a good stock of these. I hope they do as well as the Nosler Partition on our mid-size whitetails.


06 Dec 2020
@ 09:35 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Many Thanks to Nathan
Hi Ed, just a note to say thank you very much for your kind words. I am very glad to read that the info has been useful and productive.


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