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Re: Howa Bedding

22 Nov 2020
@ 12:07 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Hi, Marty. You cautioned Brandon earlier to be mindful of stock-material compression, even with laminate, which sounded like good advice to me. Pillars would, of course, preclude that problem. I don’t use blue Loctite on action screws, but it would certainly prevent the screws moving any. I haven’t seen it discussed, relative to action screws, but, in automotive applications, torque-specs are generally given for dry threads, as lubricant on the threads will change the forces being applied, and would probably prevent Loctite from adhering. Maybe it was the day I had that mag-box pinched at the range that I noticed the action screws seemed to have crept out. That’s when I bought the mini-torque-wrench . . . didn't feel like carrying a fat wrench around when hunting. Ever since, I always double-check them before I go out in the woods . . . a tad anal, perhaps!


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