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Re: Howa Bedding

20 Nov 2020
@ 07:24 am (GMT)

Brandon Warner

I finished the bedding job last weekend on the Howa. I have a question about mag box clearance. With the new stock, when I originally fit everything, I noticed it was pinching the box and the rear screw came up a couple threads higher then it did in the Hogue. This caused the rear action bolt to interfere with the bLot when cycling. I addressed this by removing 1/8” off the rear action bolt and the same off the box. Holding the rifle at one o’clock and loosening the front action screw the front of barrel raised with the box in. Without the box it doesn’t. I removed material off the box until I could loosen the front screw without it changing the position of the barrel. I can now slide a .010 feeler gauge all the way around the box and the bottom metal. What amount of clearance should the box have? When I put it back into the Hogue, I could just wiggle it. Thank you guys for the help. I’m new to this.


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