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Re: Federal’s silver bullet

14 Nov 2020
@ 09:49 am (GMT)

Luke Lahdenranta

Luis - not to hijack the thread, how do you find the FC brass? Obviously, you like it, or you wouldn't have bought it, but I'm interested in the characteristics like hard/soft? , primer pockets? , number of loads? sizes well? . Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

And, sorry Scott.

I have a batch of 60 pieces of federal premium nickel brass that I got for my m700 7mm rem mag that I shot when I first got it a few years ago. THe 165 gr Sierra btsp load shot really well for me so I bought a couple more boxes to get me going. I now have been loading those same cases with Fed 215M primers and 70 gr Retumbo and the 162gr Hor SST and the cases are on either 4 or 5 reloads now and going strong. I have now just given them a trim and they are ready to go again. I have found them to reload just fine. I bought 100 Hornady 7mm mag cases and some Remington brass shortly after I bought the rifle but have not even dipped into them since the initial batch of Federal Premium nickel cases having been going strong.

Now that said I have a couple hundred once fired 243 federal fusion brass that I am not sure if I will get even one or two reloads from them since the primer pockets look to be stretched. I bought a hundred pieces of Hornady brass to cover me when those get used up for light practice loads. It may be that the stuff in the premium lines of ammo is a little harder than the cheap stuff.



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