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Using an all copper bullet?

13 Nov 2020
@ 09:50 am (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Greetings All.

Lately, I’ve been considering copper bullets, specifically the 150 gr Scirocco. Barnes, Nosler, Hornady - rave reviews on E-Tips, TTSX etc. are everywhere.

Experienced, I am also very aware of the downside of copper bullets that don’t / won’t expand under all too often, common situations like when heavy demands are placed on the bullet in tough sceanrios (300 yard+ ranges). PLUS...all the “copper cleaning” or what I like to call hassles. True, a lot of folks don’t see the cleaning aspects that way and I’ve no dispute with those folks. To each his own and the first ale is on me. I take good care of my rifles and clean accordingly. Maybe removing copper isn’t the hassle I think it would be??

Anyway - for me – based on my personal hunting experiences – and the library of information I’ve read and studied voraciously over the decades, including Nathan’s KB - it seems I could get it done humanely and very dependably with my rifles and an Accubond, Partition or 225 gr Gameking – on everything short of DG.

Which brings me here. If I’m not legally required to use an all copper bullet, why would I? What am I missing here? I look forward to your comments.

If I've resurrected an older post, I apologize.





13 Nov 2020
@ 11:34 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Using an all copper bullet?
Hi Daniel. I think copper bullets are a great idea, environmentally, even though it’s hard to gauge what effect gut piles really have on scavengers, such as bears, condors, etc. If you read Nathan’s article on them, you come to realize you have to strike a balance between the harm you might cause by shooting a game animal with one at too great a distance, resulting in a wounded animal you can’t track and recover, and the harm you might cause by leaving a gut pile with lead in it. I carry copper rounds for woods hunting, where their penetration is a boon, and lead rounds for longer pokes.
13 Nov 2020
@ 01:22 pm (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Re: Using an all copper bullet?
THANKS Scott. Good to know.



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