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.223 Rem non-lead hunting load

08 Nov 2020
@ 05:43 am (GMT)

Michael Seager

Hi folks,

Contemplating a .223 Rem non-lead hunting load.

Species would be:

1) Muntjac Deer
2) Roe Deer
3) Foxes

My criteria for bullet selecgtion was for at least 50gr in weight and not listed as only a target / match or varmint bullet. So far I have come up with the below:

So the above criteria lead me to exclude something like Nosler’s Non-lead Ballistic Tip for example which is a predator / varmint round.

As anyone got any experience with the above? Anything obvious I missed?

Also, am I right in thinking Nathan did a video on slow goat kills with Barnes? Anyone got a link?




08 Nov 2020
@ 05:45 am (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: .223 Rem non-lead hunting load
Sorry, should have included body weights.

Roe: 10-25kg
Muntjac: 10-18 kg
Fox: Large one would be 10kg


08 Nov 2020
@ 09:45 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .223 Rem non-lead hunting load
Ive been using the top one..barnes50grn ttsx flat based for a few years now....I dont fire many and still got some of origonal box not yet loaded...we have taken red deer and pigs with them no issues at all....Ive been very impressed with them....BUT and there is always a but....Nathan has recently seen issues with expansion between batches....not sure if the 50grn is effected but the 55s are..... I went with 50grn to keep speed up to aid with expansion.
If you aim to break shoulders you SHOULD be fine....plenty of resistance to help out on such a small critter.....a head/neck shot will work of course,but you have to get aim right.just yesterday evening I was on pig mission and has some loaded in magazine...when saw the offending pigs were tiny,ten pounders I switched to standard cup n core...didnt manage to get pigs in sights but sure the barnes wouldve worked BUT the cup n core wouldve done so better....for animal that size a varmit pill would work better still but meat loss would be factor,that said Ive taken 7-8 hares in last month with 22-250 and 50 grn zmax and still had backstraps n back legs without bloodshot damage...front of shoulder/neck hits are spectacular and instant....but so is one hitting midships,touching no bone at all,lets just say no gutting required...messy but effective.
I love the wee barnes 50grn experience only and I can only hope next batch have same temper etc as one I have now.


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