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Contemplating a .35 bore

30 Oct 2020
@ 01:02 pm (GMT)

Nick Dawson

Hey guys,

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about the .35s and am getting interested in building one myself. From Nathan’s description they seem perfect for my usual hunting area (bush, river flats, steep creeks and occasional tops) hunting for red deer. They sound like the business for hitting hard and getting the job done with little fuss with one bullet for all situations. What I’m trying to work out is .358 Win or .35 Whelen?

My gut feel is that .358 should be all good for what I want, and be a little more compact than an optimised Whelen. But I wonder if a Whelen loaded lightly is better than the .358 pushed hard?

Also contemplating the recoil factor. I have every confidence that I’ll be able to master a .358 Win, but wonder if the Whelen will be pushing the limits a bit for this 68kg racing sardine. I get that The Whelen is one of Stephs favourites, but she does have everyday access to one of the best shooting coaches....


31 Oct 2020
@ 11:22 pm (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: Contemplating a .35 bore
If a light and compact rifle is part of your goal, it will be easier to reach with the .358 Win. I went with a 35 Whelen after I bought an otherwise nice Pre 64 Winchester M70, 30-06 with some pitting in the bore. I tried to like it as is, but after a trial period, had the original standard weight factory barrel rebored for .35Whelen. To further personalize it, I bedded it in a Bishop stock that I slimmed down everywhere I could. It's still a "full size" rifle, but lighter than the original by 8 ounces. It shoots great, is easy to find good loads for, and I can count on it for game up to moose or elk out to around 300 yards. You can always down-load if recoil becomes an issue, matching the velocity of a .358 Win. -Ed
08 Nov 2020
@ 05:28 am (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: Contemplating a .35 bore
Go for it.

Often thought a 20" barrelled 338 Fed or 358W would be a really handy "bush" rifle especially if trying to get pigs or deer out of thick bush where you might be walking a lot after dogs.


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