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Re: Setting up a older Remington trigger

27 Oct 2020
@ 02:04 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Hi David. Most manufacturers nowadays use locknuts to secure trigger screw adjustments, then put a dab of glue on the locknuts to hold them in place, in the unlikely event they wander loose. Nail polish is recommended for home gunsmiths for that purpose. In your case, there are likely no locknuts. If you use blue Loctite on threads, you have to clean it and any oils that may have seeped into the threads, before reapplying it.. That could be difficult. I’d adjust the screws to where you think want them, try to get the gun to dry fire by slamming the bolt closed and banging the buttstock on the ground with the bolt closed and cocked. Then, test at the range. Once you’re satisfied it’s safe and performing as you want, remove the over-travel screw, counting the exact number of revolutions to remove it. Clean the screw and reinstall it with a scintilla of blue Locktite liquid, from a tube, not a stick, to hold it in place. Repeat for trigger lever screw. Don’t fuck with the sear engagement screw, unless you’re as confident as Magnus.


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