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.30-06 Springfield an similar case capacity cartridge throat wear

25 Nov 2013
@ 11:02 pm (GMT)

Drew Pigott

I am curious as to everyone's insight on how much increased barrel wear I might be placing on my rifle with heavy hand loads and possibly how detrimental this may or may not be in the long run.

I currently load: 150 grain SST, 60.3 grains of H 4350, Federal GMM primers, Hornady Brass at 3.210" COAL. I average around .6-.75 MOA at 100 yards at 3,060 fps with +- 10 fps spread.

I clean just as Nathan describes in his article.

Thanks all

All the best,

Drew Pigott


26 Nov 2013
@ 05:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .30-06 Springfield an similar case capacity cartridge throat wear
Hi Drew, I really don't see how it would cause major changes to barrel life. Case to bore ratio of the .30-06 is well balanced. It is not as if the powder is being forced from a wide case into a small oriface with the associated heavy gas cutting. Even if the throat does show some excessive wear, the 06 is short throated so if you keep with the current cleaning regime, the throat may extend forwards but should remain in good shape with the pores of the steel kept closed.

Its a good load Drew, stick with it. If you want more extreme accuracy, you may want to work on bedding or more load development or how you set up your shooting bench/ground during testing. But then you have to take maximum range into account. If this is a straight ridge to ridge load, there is no need to go silly with accuracy.
26 Nov 2013
@ 06:23 pm (GMT)

Drew Pigott

Re: .30-06 Springfield an similar case capacity cartridge throat wear
Thanks, I really had no idea if the higher pressures I am running would have any long term effects on accuracy and barrel life. What you said makes sense about large volums being forced into small orafices leading to increased wear.
The rifle will shoot around .4 of an inch from a bench if I do my part. As a general hunting rifle from wherever to 400 yards or so I really enjoy the setup I have now. Thanks for the help!
Drew Pigott


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