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Re: 200gr Muzzle velocity

28 Sep 2020
@ 02:32 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Ha, fun to stir...

OK, at .177 height, 100 yard zero, 3035, Alt 1900ft, Sierra says 8.2 while shooter says 8.3. Either way its dial up 8 MOA plus one click for 550 yards.

So basically this is merely adding confusion to matters.

At 12 inches of extra height at 550 yards, you have somehow gained just over 2 MOA or two extra inches height at 100 yards.

So what we are looking for is something dramatic, a major change in POI. I am really sorry Matt but you may have to pull the target back to 100 and see if the farmer will put up with you for a bit longer.

Further checks:

Just check to make sure the base is glued and the rings are OK. I know its a silly thing but it does catch folk out more often than expected.

If the bore is not fouling heavily, I want you to back off cleaning other than a quick wipe in with CRC-350 and then a quick dry wipe before you take the rifle out to shoot it.

If the copper fouling is really heavy, then this may need to be solved before getting too much further along (continue break in methods).

Otherwise, I cannot see anything obvious. Primers look OK just for now but the brass will take a hammering, range looked good, wife's chef hat looked fine.

It would be rare for NF to cock up the turrets. Even if the scope was miscalibrated, a factor of 1.5 is high unless perhaps it is a mil thread pitch. In any case, you may still have to check the turret travel at 100 yards if nothing else is evident.

Not much help sorry, it is hard to help in some matters via correspondence.

In any case, do not add a correction factor or come down 2 MOA and reset the turrets. Nor is it worth altering the BC. Instead, you will need to go back and shoot at 100 yards sorry and perhjaps also dial up at this range. You need this foundation type info to help reduce variables.


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