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Re: Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer

22 Sep 2020
@ 03:31 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Well having recently been shown error of my ways/had nose firmly rubbed....
I will hesitantly suggest find some FIFTY grain ttsx by barnes
I have had great run with them in .223
I started thread the other day about monos in .224 its worth taking time to see Nathans comments and link
the partitions would be my pick if you cant get the 50 ttsx to group or are dubious of terminal effects.
I deliberately went 50 over the 55 as wanted every little bit of speed I could get ,not going to be issue in 22-250... AND keep range below 200 keep impact speed up allowing projectile to work properly.
there is a well known kiwi hunting writer who meat hunted for years with .22-250 and I believe he was using GS custom 45grns towards the end...
the info in knowedgebase on hot 224s is worth re-reading.
get in close and pick your shot,reload and be prepared to shoot again.


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