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Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer

22 Sep 2020
@ 05:50 am (GMT)

Ricardo Laborin


A barrel-maker delay caused my 7mm-08 project to run over to 2021, leaving me with subpar tools for the 2020 Coues deer season, info as follows:

- Current chambering .22-250, 1-14" Remington VSSF II
- Coues deer weight maxes out at 100lbs / 45kg
- Maximum proficiency range of this shooter is 350yds
- Current bullet stock only 60gr Partitions and 55gr Federal cup & core

Having stated the above, please chime in with any comment, specially:

What .224 projectile can lower my handicap?

Aside from surgical shot placement, what else comes to mind?




22 Sep 2020
@ 06:17 am (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer
Buen dia Ricardo:

I think the 60gr Partition is your best option given your rifles twist rate. You'll provably be pushing the bullet above 3,300 fps so you'll need to avoid the shoulder and sneak it right behind it for a double lung shot.

A Barnes maybe and I am not a fan of mono's but at the speed of this cartridge you can ensure expansion by hitting the shoulder. 55gr TTSX might stabilize on your barrel althoug I doubt it, I think it needs a 1:12.

Your twist rate makes it hard to use a heavy bullets for deer. My dad sold his 22-250 although it was a 1:12 for the same reason, couldn't use the heavy bullets.


22 Sep 2020
@ 11:55 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer
Hi Ricardo. For deer that size, maybe your rifle is not sub-par. Take a look at the recent topic “Head shot” under the “Medium and large game” section. I watched a friend pole axe a 150 pound whitetail with a 55 grain cup and core behind the shoulder, but according to the experts on here, the partition would be your better bet, particularly with a chest shot, or a shot to the neck-chest junction.
22 Sep 2020
@ 03:31 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer
Well having recently been shown error of my ways/had nose firmly rubbed....
I will hesitantly suggest find some FIFTY grain ttsx by barnes
I have had great run with them in .223
I started thread the other day about monos in .224 its worth taking time to see Nathans comments and link
the partitions would be my pick if you cant get the 50 ttsx to group or are dubious of terminal effects.
I deliberately went 50 over the 55 as wanted every little bit of speed I could get ,not going to be issue in 22-250... AND keep range below 200 keep impact speed up allowing projectile to work properly.
there is a well known kiwi hunting writer who meat hunted for years with .22-250 and I believe he was using GS custom 45grns towards the end...
the info in knowedgebase on hot 224s is worth re-reading.
get in close and pick your shot,reload and be prepared to shoot again.
23 Sep 2020
@ 08:34 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Rebarreling Delay - Stuck with .22-250 for Coues Deer

Hola Ricardo,

I would think a .22-250 would be an appropriate caliber for such a diminutive and elusive creature. They seem to be hard to find and really tough to approach.

Are you thinking to hunt javalina too?


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