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.224 monos on game

19 Sep 2020
@ 08:53 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

have had a good look through knowledgebase and the long range books.
Ive shot enough animals with the 50grn ttsx in .223....25grns AR2206
to have formed an opinion I believe is worth sharing.
first off let me state...I DONT do long range...Im a bush hobbit at heart,didnt buy .223 for shooting deer,it was purchased with my "give up smoking $$$$" for shooting wallabies and excells for that.
however sometimes it just gets tick to go for a walk,you know the open country wander where something might get seen,or the place where wallabies are main target species but deer or pig may pop up.
off top off head Ive shot 120lb sow at close to 200 yards (spotlit so range was underestimated) hit slightly too far back..through n through and down she went.
140ish lb fat boar 150ish yards in crease, shattered offside leg...very sick but still staggering and needed finish off.
couple of deer at 25-50 yards in bush....forward chest shot,bang flops.
my son pushed limits and going by expansion of projectile I estimate closer to 250 yards spiker that needed finishing off up close.
at sub hundy yards the performance is very similar to 130grn cup n core 270 in slow bracket..... but its opposite
eg the nearside shoulder has lots of damage, internals have 1-2" hold/damage and far shoulder has little amount of damage and exit hole....
I see the boss man has put...never trust a .224 centrefire,yeah fair enough BUT with these little ripper loads AND sensible range ,for me under 150 yards ideally,they really do the job rather well.
im intreged to see how they would go in the .22-250 given same range limits the extra speed just must be a good thing.
I do realise with monos ,shot placement is everything and there is HUGE difference between one projectile and others of similar weight etc...the cavity in front etc varies a lot...same goes for .277 monos.
is anyone else running the 50 or 55 grn barnes in wee rifles????
how are your results with them????
and finally for the bossman....have you had chance to try some of these at the closer ranges and has it changed you opinions of .224s on larger than goat sized game????


20 Sep 2020
@ 03:12 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: .224 monos on game
Hi Mike. There’s a discussion of copper bullets in a post from a year ago entitled “Tumble on impact bullets? “ You might find it of some interest.
20 Sep 2020
@ 07:13 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .224 monos on game
Hi Mike, I have worked with the 55gr extensively this last year while contracted to foreign governments, making comparisons directly with peers performing tests at Quantico. I have vast experience with this bullet under a variety of test conditions.

I have said this before and will say it again. The current Barnes bullets are not uniform in temper / metallurgy. Therefore, the results you get today may not be the same results that you get tomorrow. Some batches will expand, others won't. When the bullets do not expand or even if they expand in the absence of high velocity, the kinetic energy and wound potential is low. The technological limitations of this bullet and the general understanding of low energy terminal ballistics (physics) are unfortunately poorly understood topics among both ballisticians and end users.
20 Sep 2020
@ 08:34 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: .224 monos on game
thankyou for reply and video link....really hammers home WHY I stick to under 150 yards and also your comments confirm what Ive thought and said re one projectile isnt the same as the next in line up....but your comment on one batch being different makes that even worse.
Ive been given some 55grn barnes loads in .223 that shoot accurately enough...but will use with caution having seen that video...the 50grn loads Ive got sure do not preform like that!!!! maybe this old bush hobbit wasnt so dumb selecting 50 grns rather than the 55 after all.
the little extra increase in speed has to help.
30 Sep 2020
@ 12:04 pm (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

Re: .224 monos on game
Well said and excellent video. The truth is out here for those who will take the time to find it and why my Guide and what I have trusted over many years has been and is this Forum - primarily the Knowledgebase. Other forums give opinions - here we get field results and truths.

Monos - where they are required - OK, we get it. Where they are not required - I can't understand their use when Hornady, Nosler, Sierra and Speer have long proven, dependable track records. JMHO. I've been tempted to try the lighter TTSX in my .270 but can't seem to place my order when the Accubond and Partition just keep providing stellar performances. Sierra steps in with my Whelen. YMMV.



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