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Bedding a CZ601 rifle

15 Sep 2020
@ 09:58 am (GMT)

jesse sully

Has anyone had any experience bedding a CZ601 rifle? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.


17 Sep 2020
@ 07:48 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bedding a CZ601 rifle
Hi Jesse, just two quick tips for you.

1. If you prefer, you can utilize front / rear bedding rather than full length bedding. In this manner, you can bed the rifle without having to remove the trigger and avoid complications thereof.

2. It can help a good deal to run electrical tape (as relief) along the action below the height of the ejection port. Run the tape all the way through to the front of the action including the sides of the lug (similar to how I tape off the Howa and M70 actions). The reason why I suggest this, is that sometimes, the CZ / Brno is ground / linished to a point that rather than being a round action connected to a square lug, the linished area near the lug creates an hour glass profile - effectively locking the action into the stock during bedding. So while it is important to have a 'round' to bed to (helps center the rifle), you may not be able to fully utilize this round as you would if bedding an M700 or clone. You might find that you can only bed some of this round.

I advise that you try to look at the rifle front on to see if your action has this hour glass shape at the lug and or behind it. If you see this shape, consider using tape relief in this area as described above. When you go to remove the action from the cured mortice, the tape will compress and allow you to knock the action out of the stock. If the hour glass is quite pronounced, short of regrinding and rebluing, consider using two layers of tape in this area.

Take your time with the job. Tidy tape and plasticine borders. take time to get your height correct so that after reassembly, the mag box is neither pinched in place or gaping.

Hope that helps a bit. All the best.
19 Sep 2020
@ 03:33 pm (GMT)

jesse sully

Re: Bedding a CZ601 rifle
Thanks Nathan. Good advice. The front action screw with its boss and loose cylinder that goes over the boss effectively making a pillar for the action screw has me beat. Should I just remove the loose cylinder altogether and fill the hole with plasticine like on your video dealing with the mauser action? Ie relieve both the bottom of the recoil lug and boss?


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