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350 Legend bullet diameter

15 Sep 2020
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi guys, a while back I mentioned that I would check the .350 Legend as I had heard / suspected that the bullet / bore diameter was actually .355" / 9mm. I finally got hold of some ammo and sure enough, it is 9mm. I have put up a photo on our terminal Ballistics Research facebook account.

Condolences to .357 fans.

All the best.


15 Sep 2020
@ 09:05 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 350 Legend bullet diameter
I should mention, the Barnes 125gr 357 SIG bullet is also based on bullshit. It neither expands reliably in flesh at SIG speeds while the SIG itself is also misleading and like the Legend, is a 9mm cartridge. However, if we put all of these lies and misleading info into a melting pot, loading the 125gr Barnes bullet into the legend, the result is an effective short range cartridge, producing good expansion with some hydraulic action and with enough case capacity and of a twist rate suitable for the Barnes bullet which otherwise can be a pain to work with.

15 Sep 2020
@ 01:13 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: 350 Legend bullet diameter
Thanks, Nathan. Your relentless, exhaustive research is world-class. I don’t get the appeal of the 350 Legend, other than maybe to a recoil-sensitive hunter in one of the handful of midwestern US states that now allow straight-wall, centerfire rifle cartridges, in addition to shotgun slugs, for deer hunting.


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