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Speer's .35 Whelen loads

25 Aug 2020
@ 08:45 am (GMT)

David Gausepohl

Anyone else see Speer has some updated .35 Whelen loads on their website showing their 250gr Hotcor at:
2709 fps with 66.2g of Alliant Power Pro 2000-MR (compressed) &
2664 fps with 64.1g of CFE 223

That's moving along for a 250gr bullet! Thoughts?

David G


27 Aug 2020
@ 07:14 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
Hi David
I have seen some of speers data to that looks impressive, also same with some new powders.
You can try these things for yourself I did with imr 7977 powder in 270.
Data looks good but what tends to happen is your rifle likes a certain node (velocity) and changing powders just change full rate or pressure.
Sometimes you luck it and get results to, sometimes you can reduce pressure or full rate enough to get to another node but it's all trial and error.
This can be where to.much tinkering comes in to thou if you got accurate load at alright velocity why change.

Think Nathan talks about this is reloading book about magical powder from mystical creatures from lakes
27 Aug 2020
@ 09:24 pm (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
Not in disagreement Thomas but one would have also been very sceptical about the claims of Hornady about their Superperformance line of ammo and powders when first published?
Apologies if I've missed this somewhere but does load data for older cartridges that are more likely to chambered in older actions tend to be more conservative than newer cartridge offerings built in modern actions? Think it would make common sense to be that way but I'm not qualified to make statements about the fact.
27 Aug 2020
@ 11:25 pm (GMT)

David Gausepohl

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
I'll try CFE223 since it's a stock powder for me, and book max Varget load produced less than stellar velocities. It was helpful in 8X57 with the the 170gr SST.
28 Aug 2020
@ 10:13 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
Hi David, the advantage is the Varget / 4064 type burn rate but with the higher bulk density of a faster burning powder. Its been slow to take off but like SF powder, this one has some unique qualities and like yourself, I have several other readers using it with good results. I have been tempted to try it in the .500 A-Square as this runs out of capacity with Varget (not at full pressure) while H4895 (optimal rate) runs to compression. My only hesitation is that I do not know if this has a heavy deterrent coating. If it does, it may not be so much (inconsistent ignition) fun at A-Square powder charges.
28 Aug 2020
@ 04:30 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
Nathan sounds like you need to load some up, put your mouth guard in and let us know how it goes 😂😜
29 Aug 2020
@ 08:52 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
A mouth guard for sure, bloody ridiculous thing that it is.

Thomas did of course make a valid point about magic powders and used a good example. I had another example like this a few years ago, a client turned up with a .270 and a magic spherical powder and quoted loads, but there was no major advantage. Harmonic nodes were the same, the barrel had the final say. But there are a few powders that fill some niches here and there. A quick example is CFE 223 for the .338 Federal.
17 Sep 2020
@ 02:31 am (GMT)

Michael Seager

Re: Speer's .35 Whelen loads
That's moving quickly. Trying to get a similar velocity from a 250gr in 9.3x62 would appear challenging


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