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Caliber for sambar

10 Aug 2020
@ 09:16 pm (GMT)

Russell Jankovic

Hello all. New member to the forum. I've been given the chance to tag along with mates on the next hound hunting for sambar. Ok I've got 2 rifles to choose from. A miroku lever action in 358 Winchester or a ruger m77 in 458win mag.
I've read the knowledge base and was tossing up between 225 rn woodleighs and the Sierra 225 spbt.
As for the 458 I was thinking maybe a 350fp speer hotcore.
If you guys have any other ideas I'd love to hear them.


11 Aug 2020
@ 09:40 am (GMT)


Re: Caliber for sambar
358 Miroku with 225RN woodleigh.
12 Aug 2020
@ 07:18 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Caliber for sambar
Hi Russell, ideally it will be best to use the rifle that proves the most accurate. Both of these rifles have their idiosyncracies. The Miroku has a very high set scope (if scoped) versus a low pitched butt, designed for open sight shooting. The triggers on these are generally heavy and creepy. The forend is not floated. All of these factors combined can make for a rifle that is inaccurate relative to the base platform followed by ergonomic / human error issues. Both you and this rifle may perform well together, or one or the other may not. You will need to test this for yourself.

The Ruger is a relatively sound platform with bedding and with a trigger replacement or tune. Without these, it is a handful to shoot and at its very worst in the .458 Win. Heavy recoil combined with a heavy creepy trigger may cause you to pull shots at least a foot away from your POI. So once again, it will depend on how the rifle is set up and how comfortable you are shooting it from various positions. Alas, when discussing these two rifles, bullet choice is the very last consideration.

Hope that helps start you in the right direction. All the best.
12 Aug 2020
@ 08:37 pm (GMT)

Russell Jankovic

Re: Caliber for sambar
Thanks Ian and Nathan I suppose I should have said that expected range is only 10m to 50m max. Both rifles are equipped with holographic red dot sights to help with the low light conditions of the forests. I've been practicing snap shooting and have gotten to the point where I can hit a 6in plate at 50m 9/10 times. I understand that this certainly isn't long range marksmanship but from what I've been told you may only get 5 seconds maximum for a shot. Thanks once again for your input.
14 Aug 2020
@ 07:50 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Caliber for sambar
Hi, Russell. Before Nathan chimed in, my question was: Are you shooting at running game? I’ve seen it done . . . a broadside shot on a pronghorn running full speed, at 100 yards . . . but would never attempt it myself. Hound hunting is illegal in my jurisdiction, but, incongruously, buckshot is allowed. It seems management objectives trump hunter ethics, but I would never use buckshot. Your choice of calibers and bullet weight within 50m sounds ethical to me.


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