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Re: Remington bankruptcy

06 Aug 2020
@ 01:50 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Interesting link there, Scott. Lots of good and not so good info. The usual mixture, and then the usual animosity common to internet threads. Two posts caught my attention: the modified stock pictures and the formula. Looking at the stock mods, the size, shape, and location of that "anti-torque lever" gives me the idea that torque cannot be a major factor, unless using a free recoil shooting technique. That stock extension, in my opinion only, could easily be replaced by a firm grip (Hold that forend!) and "get low and get wide".

As to the formula, I haven't played with it yet. It's going to take some uninterrupted time to work it through, should be interesting though. With the torque value arrived at in the example, it is easy to see why benchrest shooting is free-recoil. Not much there, at all. I don't think I would like to try the same with that 45-70 load.


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