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Re: Remington bankruptcy

05 Aug 2020
@ 05:39 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Which is probably why Nathan recommends front/rear bedding for amateurs with flat-bottom receivers. When I was researching torque, I ran across an article that said bedding the first couple inches of the barrel ahead of the receiver actually came about because Mauser and its clones located the front receiver screw in the recoil lug. Torquing that action screw caused the action to be bent downward, ahead of the bolt lug recesses, resulting in uneven contact of the bolt lugs. So Winchester relocated the front action screw directly under the bolt lug recess area. I think Nathan has established that bedding the “Knoxx” has a sanguine effect on harmonics, regardless of action screw location. I started this thread because I’m flabbergasted that the manufacturer of the best selling rifle and shotgun in history is going under. I also read Smith and Wesson had a problem with barrels coming unscrewed on one of their guns, due to torque. Must have been a LH twist. Might be something to think about if you’re ordering a custom barrel with LH twist to compensate for coriolis effect.


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