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Shout out to Nathan

21 Jul 2020
@ 06:35 pm (GMT)


Hi Nathan
Just wanted to give you some feedback on advice you give me for bullet choice on my 280 AI. I spent last week down South in a race against Eugenie for what my be a last go at Tahr. It took 3 days but I found a Bull that was good enough, he's no monster at 11.25 inches, but 7.5 years old with a lovely cape so he was good enough for me. The shot was 540 yards which is long for me and I didn't hit him perfectly, it went in behind the front shoulder and exited just in front of the off-side hip but he travelled less than 15 yards so the 162gr ELDX made up for my shortcomings.
Many thanks for your help and advice!



22 Jul 2020
@ 09:48 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Shout out to Nathan
Hi Vince, thanks for your kind words. Those are wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

Yes, that's the reality of alpine hunting, necessitating a bullet that will do the job under a variety of conditions. I am glad to hear that it all came together.

Thanks again Vince.
13 Mar 2021
@ 05:35 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Re: Shout out to Nathan


I stumbled across these photos in your post from 2020.

Just stunning pictures. Wow!
13 Mar 2021
@ 02:11 pm (GMT)

Simon Crowther

Re: Shout out to Nathan
I love these pictures!

I've just got back from a trip to the South Island where I've lived for most of the over twenty years I've been living in NZ and I'm getting ready to move back.

High on my agenda is to get out after some Tahr and was wondering the same thing about calibers. Some Tahr hunters I know swear by the 300 Win mag, others use much bigger cannons, while others use smaller with the 7mm Rem Mag being popular. Everybody seems to have their favourite Tahr caliber.

280 AI, I'd never heard of it, I'll have look in a minute to see if Nathan has done a write up about it. I reckon I'd be happy with 540 ish yards.

Great pictures, they really put a smile on my face.
13 Mar 2021
@ 03:51 pm (GMT)


Re: Shout out to Nathan
Hi Guys

Glad you liked the photos, these were just cell phone snaps but the area is pretty stunning so easy to take a good pic.
The bad news is there is pretty much no cover in this area (Godley River) so the thar cull will probably have wiped out most of the animals, we will look at the west coast or areas with some bush cover for future trips.
In terms of calibres Simon we had 2 280 Ackley's, a 7mm Rem Mag and a 300 Win Mag on this trip, all comfortably capable of the job at least out to 600 yards, I think it comes down to personal preference. I went with the AI in a Kimber Montana because I wanted a very light mountain rifle for carrying that still had the reach but without too much punishment on the recoil, a purchase I made before I discovered this forum. If I was doing it again I would stick with the calibre but re-think the weight, probably a custom build on a remington action. The Kimber is very accurate but not forgiving with shooting technique at all.
The main point I wanted to make though is that the success of that shot is largely thanks to the advice both from this forum and the 3 books of Nathan's I currently have, holding the rifle with both hands, shooting over a pack, using a range card not a frickin phone app at the last minute... the list goes on so yeah
Thanks Nathan!
13 Mar 2021
@ 09:10 pm (GMT)

Simon Crowther

Re: Shout out to Nathan
Vince - yes that's why I became a fan of this forum. I was taught to shoot at a very early age and used to shoot competitively in the UK when I was young. I had a large gap in my shooting career while I did other things and when I started again things had changed and I was getting some very confusing advice.

Particularly this cross armed shooting technique, I couldn't see how you could fire the heavier calibers without regularly getting scoped. I listened to Nathan speak on shooting techniques one night and instantly knew that he was right, thereafter I just went back to using the techniques that I'd been taught over fifty years ago by a naval officer and I haven't looked back.

As for rifles, I've always really liked the Kimber Montana but I'm thinking of giving a Bergara a go, I've got a Remington 700 and love it, if I can get hold of a 700 long action, maybe I'll have a go at building a rifle too.


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