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Re: 195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold

21 Jul 2020
@ 03:53 pm (GMT)


This thread is of particular interest to me.

On my to do list of projects is building a 195TMK load for my 308, specifically intended for longer range cross gully shots at sambar.

Previous work with the 175TMK in this rifle gives me hope that I will see 2500, maybe 2550fps from the 195 which should keep impact velocity above the 1800 fps wall out to at least 500, hopefully 600 yards - more than far enough for my purposes.

I will try to dual load this with a closer range load using the 165 Swift Scirocco, my hope being that the similarly shaped, although lighter, Scirocco will have a similar point of impact to the 195 TMK at shorter ranges from my .680 @24" barrell.

My concern is that if the soft TMK encounters the humerus on a 200kg plus animal that it MAY not have enough steam or integrity left after breaking the humerus to penetrate the chest cavity.

BTW, I could go down this path with my 30.06 but for a range of reasons, this 308 is better suited to longer range range shots than my .06, despite giving up maybe 100 yds to the .06


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