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195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold

15 Jul 2020
@ 11:11 am (GMT)

Philipp M

I picked up some factory ammo very cheap in 300 wsm loaded with 195 TMKs. The ammo shoots about 0.3 MOA and clocks at 2840 fps and the ES is low enough for my purposes.

Considering using it to go after elk and black bear this fall. Black bear probably won't be much over 300-400 lbs. The rifle shoots boring old 180gr accubonds very accurately so that's load I've mostly used in it to kill stuff. Just as likely to get a shot at 50 yards as I am at extended ranges. For me extended ranges mean 600 yards, 700 in perfect conditions. I'll shoot rocks and steel at 1500 but with game I just don't trust my wind calling enough to go anything close to that. It is extremely rare that I'll get to use my kestrel in a hunting situation.

Wondering if anyone has shot animals in the 300KG weight class at both close and extended ranges with this bullet?


17 Jul 2020
@ 11:10 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold
Hi Philipp, this is a good bullet. Regarding your needs, I have set up several clients with this bullet for the same hunting situations out through Wyoming and Montana etc. No complaints. Go ahead and use it.
21 Jul 2020
@ 03:53 pm (GMT)


Re: 195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold
This thread is of particular interest to me.

On my to do list of projects is building a 195TMK load for my 308, specifically intended for longer range cross gully shots at sambar.

Previous work with the 175TMK in this rifle gives me hope that I will see 2500, maybe 2550fps from the 195 which should keep impact velocity above the 1800 fps wall out to at least 500, hopefully 600 yards - more than far enough for my purposes.

I will try to dual load this with a closer range load using the 165 Swift Scirocco, my hope being that the similarly shaped, although lighter, Scirocco will have a similar point of impact to the 195 TMK at shorter ranges from my .680 @24" barrell.

My concern is that if the soft TMK encounters the humerus on a 200kg plus animal that it MAY not have enough steam or integrity left after breaking the humerus to penetrate the chest cavity.

BTW, I could go down this path with my 30.06 but for a range of reasons, this 308 is better suited to longer range range shots than my .06, despite giving up maybe 100 yds to the .06

28 Dec 2020
@ 03:43 pm (GMT)


Re: 195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold
Killed a pile of game with the 160 tmk at 2700 out of a 708, including bull elk at 500 yards. It works fantastic. I can imagine the 195 would be that much better
23 Jan 2021
@ 05:56 pm (GMT)

Philipp M

Re: 195gr TMK performance and minimum expansion threshold
Well...the 195 did work. Range was fairly close, just under 300 yds, impact velocity just under 2600 fps. Did not quite get a broadside shot, and I was nervous about putting it through the shoulder, but maybe I shouldn't have been. So put it behind the nearside shoulder of a large cow elk, it penetrated about 24" of lungs, liver, and paunch, lodged in the offside flank steak. Retained weight was 80 grains (of 195), basically mushroomed all the way down to the boattail. Decent and consistent path of destruction but I am not sure I'd call it super dramatic, though I'd sort of gotten used to looking 35 whelen wound channels throughout the earlier part of the season. Would definitely use the 195 TMK again--I have a feeling the performance would be very consistent way way out there--but also interested in trying something with a little more weight and the same softness.


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