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Re: RIfle Slings

11 Jul 2020
@ 04:34 am (GMT)

Frank Vallich

To conclude this thread the following observations.

The RS3 sling provides a secure cross body carry allowing freedom of movement. Both arms are available for deployment for whatever task is at hand. An example is having the rifle available while walking with a 20 gauge while shooting grouse. THe BEST feature is the ability to drop to one knee and have stability. No need to insert the support arm through a loop as the sling rides up under the left arm and secures the the rifle into the firing position. THe sling is BEST utilized with side mounted sling/swivel/studs. This eliminates the requirement for a half twist of the sling.

THe Latigo sling does not come close to providing the carry and shooting support.

Good luck finding a better product available to the public at large.


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