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Husqvarna 1600 in 30-06

29 Jun 2020
@ 08:10 am (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Just after some input on these old rifles.

After a suggestion from Nathan am currently waiting for a Bergara B14 in 30-06 ordered from through my local hunting and fishing store down here in Christchurch N.Z. I ordered it months ago but Covid has made things move slowly and it still hasn't turned up. It's tempting to pull pin and buy something second hand so I was looking on Trademe and found a Husqvarna 1600 and a Voere both chambered in 30-06.

The question is, do I give up on the Bergara and get one of these old rifles? I do like the Mauser action almost for no other reason than I appreciate the engineering approach, plus they are a lot cheaper than a new rifle and good looking as well.

However a new rifle comes with an accuracy guarantee, you know nothing will be worn out and the Bergara barrels have a good reputation from what I have read.

We missed the roar down here due to the lockdown but now it's time to go Tahr hunting and I haven't got a decent rifle to do it. Any advice?



29 Jun 2020
@ 08:27 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Husqvarna 1600 in 30-06
Hi Ramon, the Husky was a good rifle - about 60 years ago. Trademe is fraught with guns with worn or flash rusted bores. My last trademe buy was listed as 'mint shiny bore - less than half a pack of ammo fired'. The bore certainbly had a shine when faced towards the sun, they always do. But when I put a pull through down it, a puff of orange came out the other end. Not to worry, I wanted the action.

Just wait it out, the Bergara .30-06 rifles have been truly excellent. Some need bedding, but many shoot well as is - depending on how far you want to take it. You have made a good choice, stick with it.

Ultimately, if you are going to buy a rifle with a chrome moly barrel in NZ, its best to buy something new or relatively new if you cannot inspect the barrel for yourself.
29 Jun 2020
@ 09:05 am (GMT)

Ramon Palmer

Re: Husqvarna 1600 in 30-06
Hi Nathan.

Thanks for the reply, I suspected this would be the answer. I wouldn't mind buying one of these Huskys one day as a second rifle to play around with but the Bergara sounds like a good choice for my main rifle.

Thanks again


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