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GS Custom Bullets

03 Sep 2011
@ 01:50 am (GMT)

Bruce Holler

What is your opinion of GS Custom bullets?



03 Sep 2011
@ 06:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: GS Custom Bullets
Hi Bruce, yes I have used the GS bullets in various calibers. I found them to produce killing performance much the same as the Barnes TSX, regardless of the shedding petals. I was also able to obtain fast killing out at ranges of 50-100 yards further than the TSX, sometimes further, rather than the delayed, but clean kills that can occur with any tough premium bullet design as velocities begin to fall below 2600fps. I enjoyed using the GS bullets, very good for meat retrieval. My favourite, for no particular reason, was the .308 130 grain bullet driven at 3100fps. In one instance, I dropped a boar on the spot at 350 yards, a difficult shot, animal angling away, just on dusk, lots of scrubby cover. Bang and down he went, never moved again. There was very little wasted meat. The biggest GS I have used is in the .375 caliber on cattle, again, very fast killing with ordinary shoulder shots.
10 Sep 2011
@ 11:05 am (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Re: GS Custom Bullets
Thank you for your response.
I was thinking the perfect hunting bullet would be a flat nose at impact. So the pointed nose would have to go some where, break off, flatten out, fragmate. Doing research I found out about GS Custom. Seems like a go to bullet, save for cost.




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