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6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win

13 Jun 2020
@ 12:13 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Hey all,
Developing a .270 Win load for my daughter for white tail season in the fall.
Looking at balancing recoil with effective down range performance within a 100 yards.
Any practical experience with the range of 6.8 spc pills in the .270 Win? The bullet weights are in the desirable range. Figure to fine tune velocity from 2800-2900fps over H4895.
Many thanks.


15 Jun 2020
@ 11:42 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Hi Adam
I have no experience with 6.8 projectiles in 270 only 110 v max which can be finicky.
Rather then trying light projectiles fast which can have penetration issues try slowing down heavy but soft projectiles.

Not sure what you got on hand but interlock, eld-x or speer btsp are a good choice.
You can do reduced loads with h4895, basic rule is 80% of book max.

Just start at 80% rule and work up till you find a good accurate load.
Personally I would aim for over 2200fps at intended range but obviously plenty of factors come in for the velocity you'll get.

Hopefully that's some help.
16 Jun 2020
@ 05:45 pm (GMT)

Jonathan Kitterman

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Hornady Custom Lite has a .270 offering. It shows a 120 gr SST at 2675 fps per their website. You can try searching the web for reviews. That may give you some ideas. My Hornady 7th edition doesn't have that bullet or weight in it.

Link to Hornady Custom Lite on website.!/
18 Jun 2020
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Im guessing you are in location where suppresion isnt an option????
Ive shot 2 deer now and 2 chammy (with single round) using a 110tsx barnes... the preformance was ok...nothing to rave about...nothing to moan about either.
XMAN on the 6.8 forums has done a HUGE amount of testing of all the monos on the market...he started out using .270winchester and now onto the spc round.
long and short of it...there is HUGE difference between one projectile and the next in preformance.... there have always been 110grn .270 projectiles suitable for full speed they had reputation for meat damage,slower not so much....
DONT use hornady hp flat base...they are a varmint projectile and VERY fragile.
if you read the database you will see the speer spbt is a very soft projectile that has properties suitable for longer range.....longer range = slower velocity so do the maths,it may be better option
what you wanting to do is akin to using a .243 with slowest loads on market...expect same preformance...what I mean by that is a 100ish grain projectile and 28-2900fps
19 Jun 2020
@ 10:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Hi Adam, sorry for the late reply, busy rounding off our next project.

Ok, I want to lay out some generalized statements. There will be caveats etc. It is up to the reader to exercise common sense and good judgement when utilizing my comments.

First there are changes to be aware of. The 110gr HP Varmint is no more. This has been remodeled as the 110gr BTHP Match with Cannelure. It is in essence the same bullet, but now featuring a cannelure and boattail.

The 110gr hollow point is in essence the same bullet as the V-Max, but with a narrow hollow point. That being the case, full expansion / fragmentation is slightly delayed, having the potential for deeper penetration. The differences are more pronounced as game weights are increased, though most will not notice the differences.

The second change is the addition of a cannelure for the 110gr V-Max. As with the 110gr BTHP, the cannelure was added so that it can be crimped (for AR rifles).

The cannelure is an asset to both projectiles, having the secondary benefit of helping to arrest and or delay expansion to some degree, should these projectiles be used on medium game.

Moving on.

The 110gr V-Max is a useful projectile, whether that be in .270 or .308. The 7mm 120gr V-max is also very useful.

2600fps is a very good muzzle velocity for these bullets, if they are to be used on medium game. 2800fps is a good upper limit if these bullets are to be used for shoulder shooting lean deer species. Wounding remains wide at an impact velocity of 2000fps. At 1800fps, these bullets may still expand, but the energy (at this bullet weight is low). 1800fps should therefore be considered a maximum cut off point for effective performance (regardless of 1600fps rating).

All of these bullets can prove very useful on lean or lighter bodied medium game species and can be ideal for training young hunters.

On stoutly built medium game animals, it can pay to use the likes of the 130gr Speer BTSP simply due to the extra weight. The Speer can be used with the above listed general rules.

If using an all copper bullet, avoid impact velocities below 2400fps if at all possible and consider 2200fps a max cut off point. This is another gross generalization but sufficiently accurate without taking the plethora of brands vs game weights into account. An example of an exception to this would be the .30 caliber 110 tactical Tac-TX projectile from Barnes This has a wider than normal hollow point for use below 2200fps. If the bullet has a small plastic tip or no plastic tip, then no dice. Copper is not really ideal for youth work because if the animal takes a step as the child shoots, the wound may not be wide enough to destroy the lungs from a near vital miss.

As Mike said, expect the same results as per my comments regarding the .243. You will get some runners, even with full destruction of the lungs (V-Max) at 2000fps. Just a matter of keeping a calm watch after the shot, not panicking on the child's behalf.

I hope that helps a bit.
23 Jun 2020
@ 11:06 am (GMT)

Philipp M

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
I've killed a ton of whitetail deer and medium sized pigs in timber/swamps/brush with a 6.8 spc using the federal 115gr fusion at 2200-2400 fps impact velocity and the 110gr nosler accubond at about the same speeds (from an AR platform if that isn't obvious). For close ranges, I would think that either one would be an excellent choice certainly up to 2600 fps or with the accubond possibly much faster. I would guess either should be more reliable than any .243 load--more frontal area and weight.
24 Jun 2020
@ 08:42 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Adam..... How heavy is your rifle, how long is its barrel and how old is your daughter? Has she done much shooting accuratly with .22LR? and larger cals? As its only out to 100yds why not load some 130 or 150gn partitions at MV of 2850fps for approx 2550fps at 100yrds or just buy Factory Winchester power point ammo..... My thinking is that it will be all you'll need at 100yrds. As long as you girl can place the shot in the right place????
26 Jun 2020
@ 01:55 am (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Many thanks for all the replies! I've been away these last few days. Obtaining reloading supplies has been a challenge during the pandemic. I finally received my H4895 and sourced some (now discontinued) Sierra 110g pro hunters in .270. I also picked up a box of Barnes 6.8mm 95g TSX's. I'll follow Nathan's advice on that front and use the Barnes for range work. My Daughter isn't overly averse to recoil, but bench shooting full power 130g loads limits her willingness to adequately practice. Right now she's an MOA shooter at 50 yards but isn't thrilled with recoil after a few rounds. I want to work her out to 100 yards as a practical limit for the upcoming whitetail season. Just as important, I want to insure a new hunter has the best opportunity for a humane kill. I would much rather loose meat than have my kid witness suffering in an attempt to spare recoil. The guidelines suggested here are a great start. I'll work at getting 2600fps via H4895 pushing those 110g Sierra's which should be a decent reduced load compromise compared to the 130g/3100fps we're currently using. Please let me know if that plan makes sense.
26 Jun 2020
@ 05:50 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Adam, Next range trip, tell you daughter how impressed you were with her shooting the last time, and that you read somewhere that young women are “naturals”. Tell her you want her to shoot a 3-shot group with your gun to make sure it’s “on”.
26 Jun 2020
@ 10:29 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
Hi Adam, the 110gr Sierra is quite a bit tougher than the bullets I mentioned. My neighbor uses this bullet with teens in the .270, the MV is 2810fps and ranges are kept short.

As suggested, if you go with a thinner jacket V-Max, you can drop the velocity back a bit more. Such loads can also be more forgiving of shot placement (young shooters). It is difficult to convey both the gravity and subtitles of such factors (construction vs avaliable energy vs youth shot placement etc) in the space of one or two posts. But you may want to read back over my initial post carefully. Regardless, the 110gr ProHunter will get the job done.
28 Jun 2020
@ 01:18 pm (GMT)

Adam Kolesar

Re: 6.8 spc projectile choice for youth load in .270 Win
OK. Got it. Was unaware of where the Sierra fell in terms of jacket construction. Good to know the pro hunter may not be as "forgiving" as the v-max in this specific application. Really appreciate all the sound advice! Now the work begins.


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