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7mm Sierra Gamechanger

30 Apr 2020
@ 10:58 am (GMT)

Mark Slavinski

165’s are shooting ok out of my 7mag but not great. Have some 150’s on the way now to try. My gun shoots the 160 game king hpbt awesome but hit a big whitetail at 300 yds last year and the bullet came unglued... hope the Gamechanger hold together better. Any of you guys have terminal reports on them at 3000-3100 FPS ? Always trying to reinvent the wheel here......


01 May 2020
@ 06:45 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 7mm Sierra Gamechanger
Hi Mark
We'll start with the 160 hpbt, when you say came unglued I assume you meant fragmented?
Did the white tail die humanely in a short time frame?

If your worried about bullet blow up going lighter is not the way to go.
I believe the game changer has a thicker jacket but I still wouldn't recommend light.

If your a sierra fan I would look at 160gr tmk but I ideally the the 180gr eld-m by hornady might be a better option.


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