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Repatriation hunting gear

12 Apr 2020
@ 05:13 pm (GMT)

Dale Wilhelm

So right now I should have been finishing a few weeks hunting the roar in the South Island with an American friend. But thanks to the bug it didn't quite go to plan. We are obviously in lock down and my mate manage to get a flight back to America from the tropical island he was working on with a plane full of missionaries. Luckily he got 2 days hunting in before going to the islands.
But the problem is all his hunting gear, including rifle, are sitting here in NZ with me. So has anyone tried shipping rifles and other gear from NZ to America? What options are there and any recommendations on best way to do it?


13 Apr 2020
@ 10:21 am (GMT)


Re: Repatriation hunting gear
Mail and private freight delivery are very slow and very erratic now. The regulatory issues with shipping a firearm are the least of your problems.
Delays can be anything from three weeks to who knows. Worse in some countries.
UPS seems to still be able to deliver, but I don't know why. Maybe they have their own aircraft ? UPS is expensive, but if they can get it done, maybe it's worth it.
Trying to send a rifle internationally in these circumstances is asking for trouble.
I suggest putting some oil in the bore, tucking everything away safely, and waiting for as long as it takes for things to improve.
13 Apr 2020
@ 10:34 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Repatriation hunting gear
Hey Dale....
Whats it all worth? Sometimes (Tools to Auzzi for mining jobs Cost $450. To get tool box 20 meters from air freight warehouse into the boot of car in Perth! Half of that fee was to unpack and inspect.... The straps and tape hadn't been cut or box opened.... I got screwed!!!) Its cheaper to buy new tools there. Do your homework about, Customs duty's, cleaning fees, Environmental Inspection fees. As these all can add up to Hundreds of dollars..... So If your mates coming Back to NZ keep it. If not sell it and use it for new stuff state side..... OR..... Get a Galvanized steel toolbox from super cheap

Fill it up weigh and measure it. Ring Mainfreight, PBT, TNT, FEDEX, DHL and ask for a price to send it...EXPRESS.... Door to Door See how you get on...
Good luck and take care.......I hope he wasn't infected by the virus or any beliefs.......
13 Apr 2020
@ 12:13 pm (GMT)

Dale Wilhelm

Re: Repatriation hunting gear
Thanks guys that confirms what I suspected. Will have to wait until after the lockdown finishes and see what it is going to cost, even if we can only get some of the gear back to the US.
On the positive side he has his return flights in credit......assuming air NZ still exists after all this.


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