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Elk Hunt

11 Nov 2013
@ 02:27 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Four days in the mountains and didn't see one
elk. Lots of signs.
So I didn't get a chance to use my 7x57 Ruger
No. 1 loaded with one round of Hornaday's 162
grain A-Max with 42.5 grains of IMR 4064.
We are already making plans for next year's
hunt. Maybe set up a blind a couple weeks
before the season. It sure is nice having
a waterproof blind on a rainy day.


11 Nov 2013
@ 03:47 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Elk Hunt
Thats too bad John. Nevertheless, it is always good to get away into the hills eh. A blind (and a thermos of hot coffee) sounds great.
13 Nov 2013
@ 01:18 am (GMT)

Guy Mainland

Re: Elk Hunt
I feel your pain John. It's gutting to not see anything for day's, been there. But still pretty good to be out looking right?.
05 Dec 2013
@ 12:05 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Elk Hunt
Even without seeing one elk it sure beats working in an office.


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