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Sabbati rover 270 win / mountain rifle

24 Feb 2020
@ 03:01 pm (GMT)

Joel Brown

Hi lady’s and gents

I guess I’ll start off by letting you know what my intentions are,I’m looking for a rifle to fit the gap between my howa 243 and sendero 300 win mag both of which have been bedded using Nathan’s book acurising steps both shooting sub moa.. cheers Nathan !

The game I’m intending to hunt mainly in aus are rusa, reds, pigs and goats and then over the ditch on chamois and tahr.I think the 270 win driving a 150g proj fits the bill perfectly also preferably keeping weights down as it will be wearing an attacr 5-25x56

I’m after something a little different as I have the usuals howa tikka’s rems...

Has anyone had any experience with the Sabatti rover or franchi horizon ? Good bad ugly

Also have had my eye on a ruger m77 strum and an old Mauser 98 all rifles
Being in good condition and bores inspected..



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