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.308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.

20 Feb 2020
@ 02:23 pm (GMT)

Simon Crowther

I really enjoyed this latest video from Nathan, I've got a Remington 700 in 7mm-08 and soon after I brought it I discovered the Model 7 and that would suit me well for the terrain where I live.

I'm not so bothered about the long range stuff, I have a terrible tendency, since I was a child, to endlessly mess around and fiddle with rifles, the trouble is I realised that I was doing too much of this rather then getting out there and improving my hunting skills. So, I've decided to leave the long range stuff alone for now.

For years I've been contemplating trying to turn my 700 into a Model 7 or just making it more handy to carry and use in the bush but this I've discovered is fraught with danger if you don't know what you're doing.

So many hunters these days cut their barrels down and fit suppressors and I recently had a look at a deer that another hunter had shot with a 7mm-08, sixteen inch barrel and suppressor at 250 yards. The bullet passed through the animal without really expanding (exactly as Nathan says), fortunately it was just a yearling and so didn't take a lot of killing.

You couldn't fire this sixteen inch barrel without a suppressor, at least not without a fireball and a lot of noise. With the suppressor, the barrel wasn't a lot shorter than my 700 with it's 24 inch barrel and at this length it's not too noisy anyway, definitely much harder hitting and the 700 barrel's point of impact doesn't alter much as it warms up (usually not too important).

So after five years of deliberation I'm beginning to think that I'm better off leaving well alone, my 700 is a nice rifle as is, a tack driver too. Perhaps I'm better off just buying a Model 7 as well?

I'd be interested to know what others think?


20 Feb 2020
@ 03:13 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
If you have it cut to 20 inches, and decide you don't like it, no one will be the wiser when you go to sell it.
21 Feb 2020
@ 02:40 am (GMT)

Mark Palmer

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
Based off of a few of my hard learned lessons, I would just get a model 7. From my past history, by the time I finished converting or even upgrading in some instances, I could have just bought another rifle...and kept the original one!!! Good luck with your decision.
21 Feb 2020
@ 08:06 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
Hi Simon, that is why I wanted to keep it fairly low key. The question from Ricardo was about rebarelling options and I did not want to get too pedantic or add too much of my own bias. I simply wanted to go over some very basic numbers and let the viewer decide what will best suit his needs without confounding him.

There were factors I neglected to mention. The first was noise. Without earplugs, you can get away with a shot or two at 20" but as you go shorter, there does seem to be an exponential increase in blast (my subjective experience). So if the barrel is shorter than 20", it may be best served with a muffler. Powder burn rate was the other factor. I should have mentioned the need for fast burning powders (e.g H4895 / 2206H) in the short barrels relative to the velocities I quoted. With a slower powder such as Varget (2208), the loss in velocity is higher, much as was quoted by one of the commenters below the video. Blast is also very high in a short barrel.

The M7 is very much in the same territory as the T3. Nice to carry but you need to have your methods down pat if using either at long ranges. Both remain somewhat light if one decides to fit a 1.5lb optic. Neither are suitable for shooting heavy strings if that's your game. Horses for courses.

If your rifle is shooting well for you, you may as well leave it as is. There will come a time when accuracy starts to fall off a bit. If you want to, you can dock the barrel to 20 or 22" at this time, rework your loads and see how you like the rifle with a short and light barrel. Eventually it will need a new barrel and this will be the time to think about the rebarelling and or restocking options discussed in the video.
23 Feb 2020
@ 05:13 am (GMT)

Mark Barrett

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
I wish the Model 7 had a bit heavier barrel, but my 7mm-08 shoots 162gr ELDM into about 0.7" 3 shot groups after I get about 12 shots down a barrel that was cleaned to the steel. It is the new HS Precision stocked Model 7, which has a good texture. I removed the pressure point and bedded the reciever and 3" in front of the lug. I try to use good form whether a light rifle or heavy. I wonder how much more forgiveness a heavier rifle in the 11lb class would provide? Field use is where I hunt seldom allows for an optimal set up due to grass on slopes.
09 Mar 2020
@ 12:25 am (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
My opinion, maybe buy the Model 7 if it’s an option and suits you.
I have a Tikka CTR, it’s short compact and has a medium barrel and 10 shot mag. I use it from the car but can carry it. It’s my Hack something I’m not precious about scratching and comes threaded.
It is my first 7mm-08 but they make .308 and come up occasionally secondhand at reasonable prices. Not sure bout where you are
09 Mar 2020
@ 04:33 pm (GMT)

Luis Vazquez

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
Hi Simon:

I wouldn't mess with the 7mm-08, but that's just me. I preffer the 24" barrel for both the 7mm-08 and the 308, they both aren't long range cartridges but the 24" barrel is best if you want to shoot a little further, out to 500m they kill very well with the right bullet.

My wife and I have identical 700's in 7mm-08 with 24" barrels, my brother has a Model 7 in 7mm RSAUM with a 22" tube and me personally I would not trade my 700 for the model 7.

Now if you want to get a 308 Win then get the Model 7 and you can shoot both. Hope this helps.

Best regards


13 Mar 2020
@ 12:12 pm (GMT)

Aussie Hunter

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
Luis, I’m sure you are right about the 24” barrel advantages but I have read a lot on the disadvantages on short barrels. Particularly on .308.
One article I recall they cut off an inch at a time to chronograph results.
I think it’s expected to get a loss in velocity of approx 50fps for every inch of barrel loss. That’s would take you 24” barrel velocity down by 200fps if you docked it to 20”.
The results did certainly show a loss but I don’t think the average loss per inch on that test met the expected 50fps and may have been only 25fps loss per inch of barrel on that persons testing.
I have a 26”.223 and I don’t chronograph but it performs well and a 24” .22-250 and my .2 . 308,s 7mm-08 are all .20” just how it worked out but I would consider longer for long range for sure.
20” probably works for a Hack pending what you are comfortable with.
26 Mar 2020
@ 01:58 am (GMT)

Magnus Hansson

Re: .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations.
I went with the shorter barrel 20,5” in my R8.
It only looses 15 m/sek against my old Tikka with 23” barrel
when using factory Hornady SF 150gr SST (880m/sek vs 895m/sek)

I have not been able to duplicate the Numbers with any handloading powder out there



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