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Re: Smoke & mirrors

07 Feb 2020
@ 05:02 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras


Scott Struif

On the Cutting Edge website is this statement:

"Boat Tail - Rear tapered portion of a bullet intended for shooting further than 400 yards. It is useless under that yardage and flat base bullets are a better choice as they stabilize, or go to sleep, quicker than boat tailed bullets. At further distances however boat tails have a higher BC and retain their energy much better than flat base bullets. Boat tail bullets do not fully stabilize in less than 300 yards but may still group well."

Apart from other opinions that have been posted... there seems that many people confirms bullets going to sleep, but Bryan Litz (Berger / Applyed Ballistics ballistician) was not able to find any ballistic model or whatever that explain this situation. So, not being able to explain, he tryed to prove that... result: he was not being able to get anything different from linear dispersion. So he also offered anyone to go to Applyed Ballistic´s range to prove that... but, as far as I know... no one of the many people saying bullets go to sleep goes there to prove that... LOL

You can have your own conclussions ;)


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