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Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences

04 Feb 2020
@ 10:05 am (GMT)


Hi---Brand new member of this site as of today.

Anyone here have any experience with the Barrett Fieldcraft line of lightweight rifles?
I am a new owner of one but haven't had a chance to get it out shooting yet as I had a minor problem and its back at the Barrett shop (I'll get into that later as I don't want to bias any opinions) I'll post more when I get it back and into the field.


04 Feb 2020
@ 05:16 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences
Welcome, Mark.

Sorry, dont have an answer for you, but interested in following this thread.
04 Feb 2020
@ 08:17 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences
Hi mark and welcome.
From my understanding these are latest owners of forbes rifles so forbes info should be used.
Never shot one but from what I can understand they are scaled down remingtons 700 or there abouts.
One thing that they used to do not sure berrett carries it on is full length bedding from factory meaning whole barrel channel aswell as action.
Some vertical stringing may result as barrel heats up but its case by case based.
Whole concept was a light rifle that you carry for days on end and shoot once so you start to understand their bedding.
05 Feb 2020
@ 07:34 am (GMT)

Mark Rietz

Re: Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences
Barrett makes the high end sniper and 50 caliber rifles and do alot of work for the military. The short actions have 18-21" lightweight barrels and the long actions have 24" #2 contour, and your'e right about the Forbes connection. Barrett bought out the defunct Forbes and then redesigned the rifle. From what I've read on other forums its been an excellent product with guaranteed 1 moa accuracy, and most users confirming that. I've read of just a few guys have had problems but Barrett resolved them to their satisfaction.

I live in Eastern AZ and hunt there and in Western NM (rough country) so I've been wanting a good lightweight rifle since they first came out and then found out that this year Barrett stopped production due to government contracts taking up all their production....So I bought 2, one in .270Win and the other in .308. I was going to get the .270 shooting first but it had a problem ejecting unfired cartridges so its back at the factory. Overall the craftsmanship look excellent. Hopefully I'll have the .308 out in the field sometime this month. Will post my experiences.


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