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.308 loads for Tikka M595 Continental

22 Oct 2013
@ 03:55 pm (GMT)

Ville Partanen

I managed to get hold of a lightly used .308 Tikka Continental with 23 3/8" barrel last week. Does anyone have experience on some accurate loads? I'm on a limited budget, so any help is much appreciated.

Ville Partanen


22 Oct 2013
@ 05:28 pm (GMT)

Ville Partanen

Re: .308 loads for Tikka M595 Continental
It's the varmint barrel version of the M595 with a free floating barrel, 2-4 lb adjustable trigger, adjustable cheeck piece and detachable 5 rnd magazine.
23 Oct 2013
@ 03:14 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .308 loads for Tikka M595 Continental
Hi Ville, sorry for the delay.

Please use Vihtavuori N135, the Tikka rifles do very well with this burn rate. The reloading data online is quite accurate and offers good info. For example, you can work from 42 to 44 grains N135 with a 165 grain bullet. Use this powder for all bullet weights for now. No need to muck around with powders.

Bullet choice will depend on availability at the moment as well as intended game species. The 165 grain Hornady SST would be good for boar and deer as a general purpose bullet if you can get hold of it. The knowledge base has plenty of information on this and other options. The Nosler Partition is another excellent choice. If you want to shoot out to long ranges, the knowledge base also has information.

If you are hunting at close ranges, you could utilize RWS bullets, either the KS or DK in 10.7 gram weights (165 grains). Terminal performance of the KS and Hornady SST are identical out to about 200 metres, very wide and violent wounding, resulting in fast kills. The same can be said of the DK, performance is much the same as the Nosler Partition.

Another option is the 11.7 gram (180 grain) Norma Vulcan. Again best used at close ranges (inside 200 metres). The Vulcan produces very high trauma, an excellent fast killing bullet.

Hope that helps a bit. Keep your camera handy please.
24 Oct 2013
@ 08:24 am (GMT)

Ville Partanen

Re: .308 loads for Tikka M595 Continental
Thanks a lot for the info, Nathan. Didn't notice any delay, man. Sure, I'll get my camera. I hope that I'll be able to contribute to the wound database.

I'd like to thank you for your excellent book on long range rifles. It helped a lot in selecting the specs to seek when looking for a tunable long range capable hunting rifle!


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