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.35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum

16 Jan 2020
@ 07:54 am (GMT)

John D. Hays - New Mexico

Hi Guys,

I have two projects in mind. One is for a mid-weight 7mm Practical and the other is either a .35-300 WSM or .358 Norma Magnum. Both the 7mm and the .35 will be on a Winchester Model 70 Classic original, changing to a B&C aluminum chassis stock, blueprinted and rebarrelled.

So the question is which? the WSM or the Norma Magnum?

Usual questions about a LRH rifle:

Mag box size, Wyatt needed?

Throat wear potential?

Bullet choice? Limitation for the WSM vs NMag?

Powder choice? Differences?

Speed? MV?

Other considerations? Pro/Con


16 Jan 2020
@ 01:54 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: .35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum
Hi John, yes, it would be best to have a Wyatt box in the M70 for the 7mm Practical if you want to run 180gr bullets. If you do not alter the mag, it will work best with the 162gr ELD-M along with the ELD-X bullets.

The .35's boast very short OAL's (bullets seated flush with the case neck / shoulder junction) which makes life very easy. Jump is generally long. If you try to seat close to the lands, the bullets will sit too far out of the case. If you cut the throat short, you lose power. best to just go with the flow.

Dave Manson should still have my .358 Norma chamber print on file. Redding make a cheap FL die set which seems to suit this reamer perfectly. the hand loaded ammo is concentric and accurate with minimum fuss. This can be observed in my youtube video - is it me or is it my rifle. I don't want to push the Norma but instead simply want to let you know that the reamer, the reloading dies and the Win long action all work very well together.

Do let yourself have a bit of fun with the .358. If you want to adopt even more power, go for it. Ultimately, a pointed .358 projectile (e.g. Gameking) sits .7" out of the case. So if you take any case design and add .7" to its length, you will have a general idea of the OAL and what length mag you need.

Hope that helps a bit.
07 Feb 2020
@ 02:56 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras

Re: .35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum
Hi there!!

I´m a very similar boat now...

I´m specting to build a similar combination, but want to do that in a single rifle, with two barrels.

I hope Nathan can forgive me for not choosing the Practical, but I´m trying to devolop a "practical twin" based in another case: 300 Blaser Magnum. It should be end being a tad shorter that the Practival and very similar in case capacity with a long neck also. I´m planing in leaving the shoulder angle as is, as it will need dedicated go/nogo gages (no belt) and it will be less practical. The idea is neck down, load and have fun!

The sencond cartridge will be the opposite: necking it up to .35 cal! You can start with 338 Blaser Magnum in order to neck from .338 and not .308 but you end with the "same" final case. A .35 cal a tal over the 358 norma...

Any help/opinion will be much appreciated. I´m working with Dave Manson for the reamers :)

07 Feb 2020
@ 12:08 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: .35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum
Hi alvaro
There is a 35 nosler that's a saami spec cartridge.
Just keep eye on case lengths like the rum rounds cases changes left depending on bore diameter.
I see the 300 blaser case is about 5mm longer then 7mm blaser case aswell.
I own a wildcat and enjoy it but I think most of the fun is in doing it because you can and not so much the end result.



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