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Re: Break Barrel action as a long range platform

22 Dec 2019
@ 07:12 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

agree with above comments that a bolt would be better there is a VERY talented chap over in your part of the world who makes some fantasic shooting rifles on all sorts of actions,including break barrels....I will go back onto www.huntingnut and bump a thread containing many of his builds for you to have a look at and make up your own mind.....being in same country as yourself,a phonecall at least might give you some idea of what you are looking at. I read "young fella and then 7mm mag" hmmm that could be recipy for disaster on its own if his form isnt spot on and rifle heavy with good design...a good boot or 6 from rifle not held just right could see young fella develop bad flinch etc etc with all the resulting problems to follow.


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